Notes: 1:Clickable 2:Unclickable DHF PPAT dUMP TYMS MTHFR MTHFD1 MTHFD1 MTHFD1 THF dTMP Cyclin D ATIC THF Rb Rb DP1 SP1 E2F-4,5 E2F-4,5 SWI/SNF Rb Rb DP1 SP1 E2F-1-3 GART Cytotoxicity Cytotoxicity Homocysteine DNA Double-Strand Breaks PyrimidineSynthesis De novo Purine Synthesis DNA Incorporation DNA and Proteins Methylated DNA and Methylated Proteins Methionine 5-CH 3 -THF 5,10-CH 2 =THF 5,10=CH-THF 10-CHO-THF P {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }}